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    Night Guard

    Serving as a cushioned barrier between the upper and lower teeth, the night guard offers nighttime protection, shielding jaw muscles from extreme tension. Beyond alleviating bruxism symptoms, it helps reduce teeth grinding and clenching during sleep.
  • Palatal Crib with Omega Loop

    This fixed appliance is designed to aid patients in overcoming thumb-sucking habits. Fabricated horizontally, it effectively prevents the thumb from contacting the palate's roof. For stability against thumb or tongue forces, occlusal rests for premolars can be laser welded. Additionally, the inclusion of omega loops allows for potential molar rotation, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness.

    The Phase 1 Hawley is designed for retaining the arch post-expansion and after initial treatment. It focuses on securing the incisors and first molars. We offer variations: a 2-2 bow (with or without a loop) or a 3-3 bow with lateral spurs. Adams clasps ensure retention while accommodating deciduous teeth shedding. Lingual acrylic relief in the premolar area is advised.
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    Phase 1 Hybrid Retainer

    Designed by Dr. Kevin L. Theroux DDS, MS, the Theroux retainer ensures arch width and tooth position are preserved post-Phase I treatment. It accommodates erupting adult teeth and shedding deciduous ones. Ideal for patients with short clinical crowns, this appliance wraps around the incisors, stays 2mm from the gingival margin, and encases the molars. Its rigidity excels in maintaining the arch form after expansion.
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    The Quad Helix, made from .036 wire, is available as fixed or removable. Designed to expand the arch, it utilizes helices at its four corners and anterior lingual wires. Unlike pre-bent versions, ours are shaped from straight wire, ensuring tailored vault contouring without compromising wire integrity. Suitable for crossbites, mixed dentition, Class II and III cases, and cleft palate patients. Options include a tongue crib and facemask hooks.
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    Used in phase I, the RPE widens the arch during fixed procedures and can include a tongue crib for thumb and tongue habits. Available in 7mm and 11mm, our standard model uses the 11mm Leone expander with welded lingual wires to premolars or cuspids. Made from biomedical stainless steel, its smooth design aids hygiene. Each RPE comes with a swivel key with an activation tracker. Tip: Use warm water for easier turning.
  • Schwartz Appliance

    The Schwartz appliance addresses narrow arch issues in orthodontics, preventing severe crowding and ensuring normal occlusal function. It's vital for correcting and preventing anterior or posterior crossbites, especially in younger patients whose dental development is still ongoing.
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    Space Maintainer

    Designed to counteract the effects of early primary tooth loss in any arch, this appliance prevents teeth from shifting, which can lead to arch length reduction and subsequent malocclusion issues like crowding or impacted permanent teeth. Omega loops can be incorporated for easy adjustments.
  • Sports Guard

    Crafted from flexible material, a mouthguard snugly covers the teeth, safeguarding against grinding and potential injuries during sports or recreational activities.
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    Spring Retainer with Wire Extensions

    This spring aligner variant incorporates .036 lingual extensions for improved retention. Using CAD software, we digitally adjust teeth to their ideal positions. The resulting design is 3D printed, forming the base for the appliance, ensuring top-notch results.
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    The T-Rex Appliance offers a two-phase approach: arch expansion followed by molar distalization. It employs a pre-activated .032 TMA wire, an expansion screw, and premolar rests. During expansion, a wire embedded in acrylic halts spring activation. Once arch development concludes, clinicians cut this wire, activating springs for molar distalization. An adjustment loop can assist molar rotation, and lingual sheaths, provided by the lab, are spot-welded onto the band.

    The Palatal Thumb Crib is a fixed appliance expertly designed to set up a barrier against the tongue, aiding in the prevention of anterior flaring and fostering correct oral habits. Its vertical fence not only helps in curbing tongue thrust but also serves as a deterrent for thumb habits. To ensure its stability, it's advised to have occlusal rests for premolars laser-welded.