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    Trans Palatal Arch

    The Tran-Palatal Arch Appliance excels in stabilizing molar positions post-treatment. Enhanced with laser-welded eyelets, it's adept at assisting the descent of impacted incisors. Additionally, when paired with TADS, the TPA becomes a powerful tool for molar intrusion.
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    Transverse Appliance

    The Transverse Appliance effectively widens both upper and lower arches, addressing bilateral crossbites and anterior crowding. Given the force from the screw, robust clasping is advised. For optimal retention, we recommend Adams clasps on the 6’s (if present) and ball clasps between premolars. Additional features include a labial bow for anterior incisor control and a posterior bite plate, enhancing anchorage for the upper appliance.
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    The W-Arch, also known as the Porter appliance, is crafted from .036 wire. Activated by opening the apices, it offers adjustable anterior or posterior expansion. For optimal forces, manually open it 3-4 mm before insertion. Expansion should proceed at 2mm per month until the crossbite is fully corrected.
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    The Williams Expander specializes in lower arch expansion. Laser-welded tubes on the lingual bars house a Ni-Ti wire, aiding in anterior rounding during expansion. Incorporating occlusal rests is advised. Each expander comes with a custom swivel key, featuring an integrated activation tracker on the handle.