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3D Printed Bands & 3D Printed RPEs

Clear Fusion Lab has revolutionized the conventional approach to orthodontic appliance casting and fabrication by harnessing the power of 3D printing technology. Our primary objective is to collaborate closely with our esteemed doctors, aiding them in minimizing chair time and maximizing profitability. By leveraging our advanced processes, we can craft a superior product while substantially reducing turnaround times

What sets our 3D Printed Bands
and RPEs apart?

  • Crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology
  • Quick turnaround within 7 business days!
  • Bands can be applied to any fixed appliance
  • Individually tailored to fit each patient precisely
  • Thinner and stronger than conventional options
  • Simple and hassle-free placement process
  • More hygienic than traditionally crafted RPEs
  • Saves valuable chair time
  • Can be reproduced with the touch of a button

Tailored Precision

3D printing allows for unparalleled customi-zation, ensuring a perfect fit for each patient. Traditional bands often rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, while 3D printing enables precise adaptation to individual dental anatomy, min-imizing discomfort and optimizing effectiveness.

Enhanced Patient Experience

3D printed bands and RPEs prioritize patient comfort. The precisely tailored fit reduces the need for frequent adjustments, minimizing patient discomfort and expediting the overall treatment process. Patients experience a level of comfort and efficiency that traditional methods simply cannot match.

Quick Turnaround

You can expect your 3D Printed Bands & RPEs within 7 business days! Say goodbye to lengthy production times and manual adjustments. 3D printing streamlines the manufacturing process, enabling rapid production without sacrificing quality.

Advanced Materials

Modern materials used in 3D printing provide superior strength and durability. Unlike traditional bands that may be prone to breakage or wear, 3D printed counterparts offer longevity and reliability, ensuring a more robust orthodontic solution.

Compare our 3D Printed Bands with Traditional Bands

CFL 3D Printed Bands

Unparalleled precision and customization. Each band is precisely tailored to the patient’s unique dental anatomy, ensuring an optimal fit and minimizing discomfort.

Utilize advanced technology to streamline the manufacturing process. The digital design allows for efficient and accurate production, reducing turnaround times.

Modern materials used in 3D printing provide strength and durability. These bands are less prone to breakage and wear, offering a reliable longterm solution.

The precise fit minimizes the need for frequent adjustments, enhancing patient comfort throughout the treatment process, and saving valuable chair time for our doctors

The long-term benefits and reduced need for adjustments can lead to cost savings.

Traditional Bands

Come in standard sizes, requiring manual adjustments for a more customized fit. Precision can vary, and adjustments may be needed during treatment.

Involves labor-intensive processes, including manual shaping and adjustments. This results in longer production times and potentially higher costs.

Traditional bands are more susceptible to wear and breakage, especially if adjustments are frequent.

Patients may experience discomfort, especially during manual adjustments. The fit requires more attention to maintain patient comfort and requires more chair time.

Manual adjustments and potential breakages can contribute to increased longterm expenses.

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