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Clear Fusion Everlast Retainers

Invisible. Durable. Everlast.

Experience the revolution in orthodontic retention with our Clear Fusion Everlast Retainer, the retainer that seamlessly blends the strength
of a Hawley-type retainer with the clarity and aesthetics of invisible retainers for a strong and perfect fit!

Why Choose Clear Fusion Everlast Retainers?

Our Success

Strength and Clarity Fusion

The Clear Fusion Everlast Retainer is engineered with our patented fusion technology that combines the robust strength of a Hawley-type retainer with the crystal-clear aesthetics of invisible retainers. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Unmatched Comfort and Perfect Fit

Beyond aesthetics, patients rave about the comfort and perfect fit of the CF Everlast Retainer. Experience orthodontic retention without sacrificing comfort, ensuring a seamless transition to post-treatment care.

Once Tried, Forever Chosen

Doctors who experience the performance and quality of the CF Everlast Retainer never look back. Join the ranks of professionals who have elevated their orthodontic retention with a solution that stands the test of time.

Rapid Turnaround

Efficiency is paramount. Our 3D model crafting and speedy in-lab production ensure a swift 2-day turnaround, with 1-3 days for shipping. Get the results you need, precisely and promptly.

Customizable Colors

Patients love the Clear Fusion Everlast Retainer not only for its performance but also for its personal touch. Enhance the orthodontic experience with a touch of personalization—choose custom colors for the interior portion. It’s a fun and unique way for patients to express their style during their orthodontic journey.

Perfect-Fit Warranty

Trust in the durability of the Clear Fusion Everlast Retainer. Our commitment to quality is backed by a perfect-fit warranty, providing you with peace of mind in every case.

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