Oops Aligner by Clear Fusion

Life is Unpredictable. Shift Happens

Perfect for all of those minor touch-ups!

If you’re thinking 3 to 5 aligners, think Oops

Minor Correction Cases: The
Oops Specialty

Minor dental shifts can be a result of various factors: not wearing a retainer post orthodontic treatment, natural movement with age, or even dental procedures. These minor shifts, while not always noticeable to others, can make a world of difference to the individual. Oops Aligners are designed specifically for these scenarios

The Oops Aligner Advantage:


Simply scan your patients, and we’ll deliver an impeccable set up in days


With our easy pricing, make Oops a part of your everyday toolkit


Discover the remarkable effectiveness of our aligners, crafted with advanced Zendura technology

Some of our favorite uses:

, I just want to move this one tooth…

, I don’t know how I missed that…

, I swear I wore my retainer…

, my dog ate my retainer…

Innovation Meets Excellence

At Clear Fusion Lab, we’re not just about products; we’re about pioneering solutions. Our commitment to dental excellence drives us to innovate, ensuring we offer nothing but the best. Oops Aligners, with their patented technology, are a testament to this commitment.

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