Life is Unpredictable. Shift Happens.

Perfect for all of those minor touch-ups!

If you’re thinking 3 to 5 aligners, think Oops

Minor Correction Cases:

The Oops Specialty

Minor dental shifts can be a result of various factors: not wearing a retainer post orthodontic treatment, natural movement with age, or even dental procedures. These minor shifts, while not always noticeable to others, can make a world of difference to the individual. Oops Aligners are designed specifically for these scenarios, where only a small adjustment is needed to perfect your smile.

Experience the Clear Fusion Difference
Oops Aligners are produced by Clear Fusion, an orthodontic company that prides itself on using the latest technology and the most advanced materials. This means that Oops Aligners are not only effective in correcting minor dental shifts but also comfortable to wear and virtually invisible. Clear Fusion’s team of experienced orthodontists work closely with their patients to ensure the best possible outcome for each case.

The  Advantage:


Simply scan your patients, and we’ll deliver an impeccable set up in days


With our easy pricing, make Oops a part of your everyday toolkit


Discover the remarkable effectiveness of our aligners, crafted with advanced Zendura technology

Life is Unpredictable, Shift Happens

We all know that life can be unpredictable and things can suddenly shift in unexpected ways. With Oops Aligners, you can be prepared for these shifts and have a solution at hand to perfect your smile. Whether you have a sudden minor shift after getting a cavity filled or years after completing orthodontic treatment, Oops Aligners has got you covered.

Some of our favorite uses:

, I just want to move this one tooth…

, I don’t know how I missed that…

, I swear I wore my retainer…

, my dog ate my retainer…

Innovation Meets Excellence

At Clear Fusion Lab, we’re not just about products; we’re about pioneering solutions. Our commitment to dental excellence drives us to innovate, ensuring we offer nothing but the best. Oops Aligners, with their patented technology, are a testament to this commitment by providing a specialized solution for minor correction cases.

So, when life throws you an unexpected shift, don’t panic – just think OOPS! Oops Aligners by Clear Fusion — perfecting smiles one shift at a time.

                                               NO MORE THINK

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