Bonded RPE

The Bonded Rapid Palatal Expander is based on the trusted Leone RPE, but we offer customization with any of our RPE options. With a durable .036 frame, it fits the inner (lingual) and outer (buccal) areas of the back teeth. For enhanced usability, we offer easy-remove arms and optional Class III correction hooks. Each RPE includes a swivel key with an activation tracker.
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  • Arrow points towards the throat.
  • Screw body is centered near skeletal midline.
  • Screw body and arms are 1-2mm from tissue.
  • Mesial arms reach 4(d)/5(e), distal arms to 6s.
  • Lingual extensions span from central 6s to 4(d) mesial.
  • Framework contours around 4(d)-6, leaving 0.5-1mm space.


  • Covers 4(d)-6 on buccal, occlusal, and lingual surfaces.
  • Lingual coverage is 2-3mm thick, tapering near the gingival.
  • Buccal coverage is 2-3mm thick, following gingival contours.
  • Occlusal coverage varies based on lower model availability.
  • Upper tooth indentations in acrylic are sandblasted.


  • 040 Wire Framework
  • 11-12mm Expansion Screw
  • Solder
  • Acrylic: Clear Polymer
  • Expander Key