At Clear Fusion Lab, we understand the challenges and demands of modern dental 3D printing. That’s why we offer the FabWash, the first fully automated, multi-stage part release, washing and drying system specifically designed for orthodontic appliances. With its advanced features and capabilities, the FabWash is the ultimate solution for the dental industry. Order yours today!

The Need for FabWash

As dental practices increasingly turn to 3D printing for orthodontic appliances, there is a growing demand for a more efficient and hygienic way to clean and dry these printed parts. Traditional methods of manually washing and drying can be time-consuming and prone to human error, leading to inconsistent results. The FabWash was created to address these issues and provide a solution that meets the demands of the modern dental 3D printing world.

Revolutionizing the Washing and Drying Process

Gone are the days of manually washing and drying each individual orthodontic appliance. With the FabWash, you can say goodbye to time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. Our system is fully automated, allowing you to focus on other important tasks while the FabWash takes care of the cleaning and drying for you. This not only saves you valuable time but also ensures consistency and accuracy in the cleaning process, resulting in high-quality prints every time.

Benefits of FabWash for Your Dental Practice

Not only does the FabWash offer convenience and efficiency, but it also helps to speed up the production process. With its rapid washing and drying capabilities, the FabWash can significantly reduce the turnaround time for your 3D-printed appliances. This means you can provide your patients with their custom-made orthodontic devices in a timely manner, improving their overall experience and satisfaction with your practice.

Technical Specifications

  • Printer Compatibility: AccuFab-D1s, AccuFab-L4D/L4K
  • Product Weight: 15kg 
  • Dimensions: 34 x 30.3 x 45 cm
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Bucket Volume: 9.5L
  • Maximum Part Size: 199 x 124 x 180 mm
  • Suggested Operating Environment: 10~30℃ / 30%~70%RH
  • Suggested Transportation Environment: -10℃~70℃
  • Agitation Method: Magnetically Coupled Impeller
  • Include Accessories: Wash Bucket / Wash Basket / Scraper / Brush/ The Adapter / Quick Guide
  • Power Requirements: 100–240 V / 2.0A 50/60 Hz, 24V / 150 W
  • Compatible Solvent: > 75% alcohol, IPA, Water
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • User Controls: 1.54 inch OLED & Rotary knob
  • Safety Sensors: Automatic Start/Stop Sensors; Build Platform Detection Sensor; Solvent Bucket Detection Sensor; Safety Pressure Sensor; Emergency Stop Switch
  • Product Features: Automatic Part Release Function; Automatic Predefined Wash/Dry Function; User Programmable Wash/Dry Option

Experience the Clean Difference With Clear Fusion Lab

With the FabWash, you can provide your patients with top-of-the-line orthodontic appliances while maintaining a clean and efficient practice. Contact Clear Fusion Lab today to learn more about the FabWash and how it can benefit your practice!

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