The Sagittal Appliance is tailored to lengthen the arch, either by moving molars backward or pushing the anterior section forward, effectively addressing crowding. It features expansion screws aligned with the sagittal plane, with optional screws on each side. For optimal retention, Adams clasps on the 6’s (if present) and ball clasps between premolars are advised. Additional features include a labial bow for anterior control and a posterior bite plate, enhancing anchorage for the upper appliance.


  • Adams clasps on the 1st molars
  • Ball clasps between the 1st and 2nd bi-cuspids
  • Three-way expansion screw
  • Acrylic Plate
  • Posterior Bite Plate

Suggested Materials:

  • Wire: .028 Stainless Steel Adams
  • .032 Ball Clasp
  • Three-way screw (flat): Leone A0932-13