The Nance Appliance is versatile, adept at slight molar expansion, rotation, or simply holding molars post-teeth movement. Primarily used to deter upper molars from moving forward, it can also serve as a fixed upper retainer. For tailored adjustments, loops can be integrated into the wire.


  • Framework circles the palate about 5-6mm subgingival with a 4-6mm retention loop centered at the midline in the rugae area.
  • Wire maintains a 1-1.5mm distance from the tissue.
  • Acrylic button, roughly nickel-sized (around 20mm diameter), surrounds the palatal loop over the rugae.
  • Button is positioned 3-4mm from the gingival margin and is 2-3mm thick.

Suggested Materials:

  • Blank Band- UL6/UR6
  • .040 Wire Framework
  • Acrylic: Clear Polymer
  • Acrylic: Pink Monomer Solder