Haas Palatal Expander

The HAAS appliance features an acrylic plate in the palate’s vault with an expansion screw and lingual arms laser-welded to acrylic-integrated bands. Dr. Haas emphasized its palatal coverage for reduced tipping and enhanced bodily movement. Each comes with a swivel key featuring an activation tracker. Our 3D-printed HAAS Expander ensures a precise fit. The process? A scan, followed by delivery—no separators needed. Our digital experts craft designs for optimal retention, with metal snug to the lingual and options to cup both lingual and buccal. Experience a transformative approach to patient care with this advanced expander.
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  • Contours the palate about 1-1.5mm off the tissue with acrylic anchors at both wire ends.
  • Extends lingually from distal of 6 to mesial of 4(d).


  • Centered at midline and 5(e)/6 area.
  • Positioned parallel to the occlusal surface and 1-1.5mm from the palate for comfort.
  • Magnum screw is an alternative if standard screw height exceeds 8-10mm from the vault.


  • Supports the vault and fully encases the screw, yet allows keyhole access.
  • Outer edges are 4-5mm from gingival margins, rounded, and at least 1.5mm thick.
  • Cut along the skeletal midline to facilitate screw function.


  • Blank Band-UL6/UR6
  • .040 Wire Framework
  • Haas Expansion Screw
  • Solder
  • Acrylic: Clear Polymer
  • Acrylic: Pink Monomer
  • Expander Key