Drawing inspiration from “The Mandibular E-Arch” by Neal Kravitz, the E-arch stands out as a fixed, spring-loaded expander tailored for the gradual expansion of both maxillary and mandibular arches. Initially designed for maxillary orthopedic expansion in cleft palate patients, its versatility shines in the mandible, where it can create up to 4-5 mm of arch space in the anterior region through orthodontic tipping and also distalize the first molars.
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  • Lingual extensions span from disto-central 6s to the opposite lateral’s mesial side.
  • They sharply overlap just behind the incisors.
  • Tubing fits from one lateral to the other.
  • The spring, matching the extension’s length, slides near the cuspids.
  • Spring is stored in a baggie.


  • Blank Band-UL6/UR6
  • .040 Lingual Extensions
  • .051 Tubing
  • NiTi Spring
  • Solder