The RPE, primarily used in phase I treatment, is designed to widen the arch either before or during fixed treatment. With our advanced approach, you can now opt for a 3D printed metal framework, ensuring unparalleled predictability and a precise fit. Our expanders come in 7 or 11 mm screws, with activation tailored to each style. The streamlined process begins with an initial scan and culminates in the delivery of the appliance on your next visit, eliminating the need for separators.



  • Arrow points towards the throat.
  • Screw body is centered near skeletal midline.
  • Screw body and arms are 1-2mm from tissue.
  • Mesial arms reach 4(d)/5(e), distal arms to 6s.
  • Lingual extensions span from central 6s to 4(d) mesial.
  • Framework contours around 4(d)-6, leaving 0.5-1mm space.


  • Covers 4(d)-6 on buccal, occlusal, and lingual surfaces.
  • Lingual coverage is 2-3mm thick, tapering near the gingival.
  • Buccal coverage is 2-3mm thick, following gingival contours.
  • Occlusal coverage varies based on lower model availability.
  • Upper tooth indentations in acrylic are sandblasted.


  • 040 Wire Framework
  • 7 or 11mm Expansion Screws
  • Solder
  • Acrylic: Clear Polymer
  • Acrylic: Clear Monomer
  • Expander Key