• Clear Fusion Distalizers

    We’ve combined our Clear Fusion patent with a traditional distalizer to bring comfort and durability to your patients. Distalization is the process of moving teeth in a posterior to gain space.
  • Clear Fusion Hybrid Retainer

    Following orthodontic treatment, long term retention is required. Essix type retainers are clear and comfortable, but only last about 6-12 months on average. Hawley retainers last for years, but patients, particularly Invisalign patients, have a hard time transitioning to that style of retainer. The Clear Fusion Retainer combines the best of both styles. Giving the patient both comfort and long term durability.
  • Clear Fusion Tongue Thruster

    About 60-90% of children carry over a tongue thrusting habit from infancy. A tongue thruster retainer helps train the tongue to swallow properly by placing the tongue in the open space of the palate when swallowing.
  • Hybrid Retainers

    Our Clear Fusion Hybrid Retainers are custom made. Wireless "invisible appliances" suitable for long term retention following conventional or aligner orthodontic treatment. These appliances combine the comfort and esthetic of invisible retainers and the strength and effectiveness of a Hawley type Retainers
  • Phase 1 Clear Fusion Retainer

    This retainer is used to hold the maxillary arch after expansion and phase 1 treatment. The goal is to hold the central/lateral incisors and first molars to allow for the eruption of deciduous teeth.