Custom-crafted pediatric retainers and space maintainers, designed for comfort and effective treatment in young smiles, with vibrant colors and patterns to encourage compliance.

Discover our custom-crafted pediatric retainers and appliances, meticulously designed for both comfort and effective treatment, ensuring the brightest smiles for your young patients. With a variety of vibrant colors and patterns available, CFL adds an element of fun to the orthodontic experience.

3-D Metal Printed Appliances

  • Bonded RPE

    The Bonded Rapid Palatal Expander is based on the trusted Leone RPE, but we offer customization with any of our RPE options. With a durable .036 frame, it fits the inner (lingual) and outer (buccal) areas of the back teeth. For enhanced usability, we offer easy-remove arms and optional Class III correction hooks. Each RPE includes a swivel key with an activation tracker.
  • Haas Palatal Expander

    The HAAS appliance features an acrylic plate in the palate's vault with an expansion screw and lingual arms laser-welded to acrylic-integrated bands. Dr. Haas emphasized its palatal coverage for reduced tipping and enhanced bodily movement. Each comes with a swivel key featuring an activation tracker. Our 3D-printed HAAS Expander ensures a precise fit. The process? A scan, followed by delivery—no separators needed. Our digital experts craft designs for optimal retention, with metal snug to the lingual and options to cup both lingual and buccal. Experience a transformative approach to patient care with this advanced expander.

    The Hawley with Rake Appliance is meticulously crafted to address and deter thumb sucking habits. By incorporating strategically placed spurs on a robust metal crib in the anterior portion of the palate, it offers an effective solution to discourage the habit. Its design ensures comfort while providing the necessary deterrent, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking a reliable solution.

    The Nance Appliance is versatile, adept at slight molar expansion, rotation, or simply holding molars post-teeth movement. Primarily used to deter upper molars from moving forward, it can also serve as a fixed upper retainer. For tailored adjustments, loops can be integrated into the wire.
  • Trans Palatal Arch

    The Tran-Palatal Arch Appliance excels in stabilizing molar positions post-treatment. Enhanced with laser-welded eyelets, it's adept at assisting the descent of impacted incisors. Additionally, when paired with TADS, the TPA becomes a powerful tool for molar intrusion.

Habit Breakers


Arch Development

  • Sagittal

    The Sagittal Appliance is tailored to lengthen the arch, either by moving molars backward or pushing the anterior section forward, effectively addressing crowding. It features expansion screws aligned with the sagittal plane, with optional screws on each side. For optimal retention, Adams clasps on the 6’s (if present) and ball clasps between premolars are advised. Additional features include a labial bow for anterior control and a posterior bite plate, enhancing anchorage for the upper appliance.

    The T-Rex Appliance offers a two-phase approach: arch expansion followed by molar distalization. It employs a pre-activated .032 TMA wire, an expansion screw, and premolar rests. During expansion, a wire embedded in acrylic halts spring activation. Once arch development concludes, clinicians cut this wire, activating springs for molar distalization. An adjustment loop can assist molar rotation, and lingual sheaths, provided by the lab, are spot-welded onto the band.
  • Transverse

    The Transverse Appliance effectively widens both upper and lower arches, addressing bilateral crossbites and anterior crowding. Given the force from the screw, robust clasping is advised. For optimal retention, we recommend Adams clasps on the 6’s (if present) and ball clasps between premolars. Additional features include a labial bow for anterior incisor control and a posterior bite plate, enhancing anchorage for the upper appliance.


Spring Retainers

Clear Fusion Everlast

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