Meet Our Team


Fernando Montoya

Meet Fernando, the driving force behind Clear Fusion Lab’s innovation and precision. Fernando boasts a remarkable 31-year career in orthodontics, starting with Tortorici Ortho Lab, Clear Fusion Lab’s former name, and later running his own lab for 13 years. He returned to Clear Fusion Lab as CEO and Lead Technician, embodying dedication and expertise.

His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends drives the company’s mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Fernando’s passion for innovation and excellence ensures top-quality products. He thrives on embracing new technologies and innovative techniques that drive the industry forward. His commitment to excellence ensures that every product leaving Clear Fusion Lab is of the highest quality.  

Joey, a longstanding team member with nearly 20 years at Clear Fusion Lab, is a living testament to our legacy. Our lab was begun by his grandfather Vincent in 1979. as Tortorici Orthodontic lab.  Working side by side with his father, Joe he began to learn and understand the craftsmanship that goes into creating orthodontic appliances. He has since become an expert in various aspects of our craft, particularly wire bending.   

Joey’s dedication, experience, and passion embody the heart and soul of Clear Fusion Lab. His legacy and commitment to excellence reflect our mission to provide the highest quality orthodontic solutions.  

Master Technician

Joseph Vincent Tortorici

Director of Marketing

Brandon Mitchell

Meet Brandon, our Director of Marketing and Digital Outreach. Brandon’s number one priority is the satisfaction of Clear Fusion Lab’s clients. His exceptional ability to relate to customers and see things from their perspective brings immense value. Nothing makes Brandon happier than ensuring clients’ happiness and alleviating any obstacles they may encounter.  

Brandon also serves as our talented Marketing Director, the creative mind behind our promotional and print materials. With his creative flair and unwavering commitment to promoting our services, he strives to let every doctor know just how amazing Clear Fusion is. His expertise ensures that our customers find the best solutions for their practices.   

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