CLEAR Retainers
by CFL

Comfortable. Durable. Affordable.

You spent years perfecting your patient’s smile, let CLEAR protect their investment and your hard work!

In-house retainers cost more than you think. Leave it to the experts at CFL!

With CLEAR you may just not make another retainer ever again!

Clear Retainer

  • Affordable Pricing- With our new, more affordable pricing, you can save money while receiving top-quality retainers. 
  • Quick Turnaround- Time is of the essence in the dental field. We offer a lighting fast 5 day turnaround for CLEAR retainers 
  • Simplify Your Workflow- Spend. More time focusing on what makes you money, and leave production to us. 

Your patients deserve the best, and that’s exactly what
CLEAR by Clear Fusion Lab delivers!

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