Clear Fusion
Hybrid Retainers

Clear Fusion Hybrid Retainers combine the comfort and aesthetics of invisible retainers with the strength and durability of Hawley type retainers.

STOP Making Your Own Retainers

Clear Fusion Retainers are:

  • Faster (7 days from scan to in your office)
  • Superior (you have your specialty, we have ours. Retainers are what we do)
  • More Cost Effective (Clear Fusion Retainers are actually less costly to buy through us than to make)
  • Doctors love them for the palatal coverage, longevity, and the benefits of clear aligners
  • Patients love their clarity, ease of use, and that they still have the excitement of choosing personalized colors
  • Perfect fit or it’s on us guarantee
  • Ask us about our free scanner

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